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All Weather Nylon Harness for Great Dane

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  • Model: H6P##1094 Nylon harness with reflective front strap


Perfect Reflective Nylon Harness for Great Dane

Not everyone knows that the harnesses originally appeared as a part of a dog gear when using dogs as draft animals. And obviously a harness should be functional, comfortable and safe. Then our Amazing Nylon Dog Harness really is. This nylon harness is suitable for exercising, walking and working with your Great Dane. Stop hesitating and get this Nylon Harness for your pet.

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Durable Nylon Dog Harness

Practical Nylon Harness for Your Dog

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  • Tracking Nylon Dog HarnessWell-Made Nylon Harness for Your Pet
  • Amazing Nylon Dog HarnessProfessional Nylon Dog Harness


  • water resistant nylon
  • quick release buckle
  • 2 ways adjustable
  • D-ring for attaching a leash
  • be-in-control handle
  • ID patches
  • wide straps


  • walking
  • exercising
  • obedience training
  • off leash training


  • extra-extra-small
  • extra-small
  • small
  • medium
  • large


  • black

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    17-21 inches (43-53 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    21-26 inches (53-67 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    25-31 inches (62-81 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    28-34 inches (70-87 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    33-45 inches (84-115 cm)

Are you afraid of walking your pet when itís raining? No, stop it. Now you donít need to worry about it. Because our Unique Dog Harness is made of extra strong water-proof nylon. So your pet will be able to wear it during any weather conditions.

We do care about your Great Daneís comfort. And we do everything for it. This High Quality Nylon Harness is 2 ways adjustable. Thatís why it will fit exactly your pet due to soft strong nylon straps. By the way, the straps are wide enough, so they wonít cut into your dogís skin. Moreover, the harness can be put on and off with the help of a quick release buckle only.

To control your Great Dane even during off-leash activities the harness has a special be-in-control handle. And if you want to hold your dog right next to you, you can do it as well due to a D-ring for leash attachment.

Our craftsmen've created a reflective front strap. You see, your pet will always be under your protection.

As one more advanture, this Comfortable Nylon Harness for Great Dane is furnished with special id patches on both sides. NOTE! One set, consisting of two similar patches you choose, is already included for FREE with the purchase! If you want to buy pathces separately - check these ID Patches for this nylon harness.

The available patches are the following:

  • In training
  • Search & Rescue
  • Police - K9
  • Service Dog
  • Security
  • Sheriff
  • Military - K9
  • Customs
  • Therapy dog
  • Blank patches
  • Please pay attention:
    - It is not advisable to leave your pet unattended to prevent any undesirable consequences;
    - Measure your dogís parameters thoughtfully to get a suitable size for your pet.

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    Exclusive Nylon Dog Harness

    Unique Nylon Harness for Your Pet

    Stitched Nylon Great Dane Harness

    Nylon Great Dane Harness with Wide Straps and ID Patches

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