How to stop endless barking of your Gentle Giant

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July 28, 2014

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If you don’t know how to stop dog’s endless barking, this newsletter is exactly for you. First of all, you should find out the main reason why your Great Dane barks. Once you determine the cause of your dog's excessive barking, you can begin to control the behavior. The best way to prevent excessive barking  is the following:

- Don’t leave your dog alone for long periods of time ;
- Don’t hug or feed your dog when she is barking for attention or out of anxiety;  
- Don’t shout at your dog to stop barking as it does not help. 
 -Try to draw his attention with a clap or whistle. When he is quiet, redirect his attention to a toy or treat.
- After getting your dog's attention, practice basic commands, like sit and down  
- Train your dog t be quiet
- Consult your veterinarian or trainer if you continue to face the problem of barking.



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