Let's speak about feeding your Great Dane

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October, 14 2013

In our today’s newsletter we would like to discuss the topic of good nutrition for Great Dane. As every dog owner know, good nutrition is an irreplaceable part for the dog’s healthy life. First of all, it is recommended to know what Gentle Giant needs to stay happy, healthy and full of energy. The best way to provide your four-footed friend with these needs is to make sure that he eats healthful food. For the dog to stay in a good health he needs fresh water, minerals, vitamins, proteins and other healthy elements. As Great Dane belongs to the giant dog breeds, dog experts say that he requires special food according to his age, size, gender and amount of his daily exercise. So, before owning Great Dane, you should learn a lot of information, such as what kind of food is appropriate for your dog, how many times should the dog eat in a day and other, will be helpful for you, dear dog owner.
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