Gentle Giants obedience training

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February, 25 2014

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There is no doubt that you know how difficult it is to raise a giant dog. Do you agree that all dogs should be trained to some standards and should know basic manners? Do you agree that sometimes people feel scared when they see a Giant, even if he is on a leash? There are a lot of cases when dogs start barking on passers-by or may easily get excited. Only  you, as a handler, know your Gentle Giant well.
If you want your pet to be obedient, it is recommended to start training activities when he is still a puppy. First of all, teach the dog to obey your simple "commands", such as sit, stay and come. Pronounce the commands clearly. Train your Gentle Giant frequently, but remember that training sessions should be short, otherwise your pet will become tired and bored easily. Don't forget to reward your four-feet friend. The easiest way is to train your pet before the meal. In this case, he will associate a meal with the reward. We wish you good luck in training your lovely Great Dane.