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Great Dane Muzzles

A wide variety of Great Dane Muzzles is gathered here. You can find muzzles made of genuine leather as well of wire or both. These tools can be used for walking, different kinds of training (from basic to attack/agitation), vet visits, transportation or whatever.
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Be sure every muzzle is unique and unbelievably comfortable. You will definitely find the one your Great Dane needs. Leather pet muzzles, metal ones - your choice depends only on your needs.
Protect your pet and people around him.You shouldn't forget that your pet is an animal, first of all. Like any animal, it has some instincts that are difficult-to-resist.
We can guarantee that our  muzzles won't harm your pet's health.

Our leather dog muzzles provide your animal with as much freedom as it needs for pleasant walking or efficient training.
High-quality leather straps will secure the muzzle on the pet's snout and will not allow your four-foot friend to injure anybody.
A distinctive feature of the leather muzzles is that the animal won't traumatize its snouts if it strikes something during training. The leather also does not stick to pets' snout when it is frosty outside. Convenient fasteners allow you to put the muzzle on/off your Great Danes though the muzzle is fixed tightly on the dogs' snout.

Metal muzzles will be useful for owners of  powerful breeds.
Our metal cage muzzles are equipped with additional Nappa leather or felt padding that protects the pet's skin from rubbing. Being made of stainless steel wire our metal cage muzzles will serve you and your pet for many years and will prevent your animal from some actions that may have unpleasant consequences. You can also buy the metal muzzles with the heat insulation material. These models are meant for walking the pets in extreme cold.

Please be advised! It is not recommended to use this type of muzzles when it is hot.
If you buy our muzzle you will get the high quality accessory that will never harm your dogs' health.
Choosing a muzzle you should remember that sometimes your pet will have to wear it for a long period of time. Though the pet stores offer muzzles of all shapes and types, it so difficult to make a choice.

Many muzzles have the shape of cone. It is very uncomfortable because the muzzle should "lie" on the animals' snout but not tighten it.
It is recommended to choose the muzzle that is made in a shape of drum. This shape allows your  four-foot friend to open his mouth and put his tongue out.
The muzzles are made of different materials. The most common are leather, metal, nylon and plastic ones.
The most common types of them are net-like, enclosed and "bear loop" muzzle.

Leather net-like muzzles will perfectly suit non-aggressive breeds. Being produced of durable leather straps the muzzle allows the animal to breathe and to put out his tongue. Another advantage of this type of item is their light weight.
Plastic dog muzzles are the lightest ones, but they break under low temperatures and if it is stricken. It is recommended to use plastic muzzles when your dog takes part in racing where every extra gram of weight is very important.

When you choose the leather muzzle it is important to determine the material because both artificial and genuine leather muzzles are called "leather" ones.
Muzzles made of artificial leather are cheaper than genuine ones but their service life is shorter too.
Genuine leather is much more durable and will serve for many years. But their price is high.

Pay much attention to the rivets that fix the straps. Examine them carefully so they do not have any burrs, and the rivets must be made of high quality metal. You should also pay attention to the way of fastening the muzzle. If the dog is accustomed to the muzzle and does not try to remove it with its paws, the muzzle with one-strap fixation will perfectly fit. If the dog keeps trying to take it off, it is better to use a design with a forehead strap.
Metal cage muzzles are used for the aggressive breeds or when the aggression is being encouraged (during agitation training). It is recommended to use this equipment when it is warm because your pet may stick to the metal cage with its tongue or skin under low temperatures.
There are special wire cage muzzles with rubber cover for winter training.

Note! Rubber covered muzzles are rather heavy, so you may use them in exceptional cases.
Front metal cage (sometimes doubled) performs a decorative function, in most cases.
But at the same time it can prevent the dog from picking up the unwanted objects in the streets. If you decided to buy a metal muzzle with the front grating, make sure that the bars are vertical. It will decrease the possibility that your dog will break his teeth over it. You also should remember that the metal muzzles have one negative characteristic. When the pet hits he can injure both an agitator and himself.

Reminder! it is recommended to use metal cage muzzles for large and aggressive breeds.
Enclosed dog  muzzles are made of leather or synthetic material. This is an intermediate variant between metal and leather net-like muzzles. Wearing this muzzle even the most aggressive dog will feel difficulty to bite someone. This type of muzzles will not cause any injury to the pet like metal ones. Don't keep your dogs  wearing enclosed leather muzzle when it is hot (the pet sweats through the tongue and may be overheated). The only advantage of the enclosed muzzle is its light weight in the comparison with metal ones.

Nowadays there are dog muzzles made of nylon (or other synthetic material) that have the shape of a loop - the so-called "bear-loop". The muzzles of this type are usually fastened with Velcro. They are usually used for animals' transportation, visiting a vet or friends. Choosing a muzzle remember that it is bought for the dog, not for the owner, and first of all, it must be comfortable not beautiful.

Please be adviced that our web store has the following categories that may be useful for you and your four-foot friend - collars, harnesses, leashes, bite tugs and toys

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